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I think it is a mistake to assume we can learn much about transhumanism from myth. The ancient Greeks had no magical source of knowledge. The myths do contain info about human nature, but lots of places contain that info, so if you must look to the myths, that is more likely a historical chance.

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I think this sentence summarises well what I think the bad/evil side of transhumanism is: "Trading off what matters in an obsession to prevent the inevitable." (Many such cases in recent globalist society).

I feel transhumanism is based on the fear of death and an idea, but not experiential knowledge of, what connection with the divine is.

Nick Bostrom's quote, for example, seems to _try_ to explain a transhumanist lived experience. But all he is saying there feels like part of an awakening/ego death moment (in my experience). It's as if he is pursuing enlightenment, but thinks it comes from without (transhumanism and seperate) vs from within (divine and connected). (I'm not necessarily speaking in metaphysical terms here btw.)

Anyway, cool post, keep it up!

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You guys deserve more subscribers. I wish you all the luck in the world and I will do my best to spread the word.

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