The Classical Futurist seeks to formulate visions of the future inspired by classical antiquity.

We write essays on a range of topics, but we always draw from the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean to inform our thoughts on today and tomorrow. Our philosophy is that cultural revivalism — a form of innovation that recombines the past and present — is a worthy project, and that classical antiquity is the most inspiring way to reenergize our current civilization.

From its inception in September 2021 until April 2022, The Classical Futurist was published as a monthly magazine with four posts per month. Now we instead publish a new essay twice a month. Subscribe to receive it directly in your inbox.

We are open to guest posts! Contact us if you’d like to contribute. All topics are fair game, as long as they touch upon both classical antiquity and the current or future world.

The Classical Futurist is written and edited by Étienne Fortier-Dubois, Caleb Ontiveros, and Sachin Maini.


Sachin Maini
I write about how ideas spread
The Classical Futurist
A vision of the future inspired by antiquity.